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The Online Business Manager That’s All About Your


As a business owner, time is of the essence; every second matters. Operational tasks might drain your time and energy, preventing your business from achieving its full potential. 

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Now, here's some Brilliant news. 


As your Online Business Manager (OBM), I will help you free up precious time by streamlining your business operations. My solutions will keep your data consistent across your systems, whether you're running a virtual or in-person company. Let's implement the most effective business strategies for your success!

Darring Virtual Services offerings include:

Project Management
Operations Management
Team Management
Metrics & Reporting

We will work virtually, keeping behind-the-scenes operations on track while you put your energy into your zone of genius. It's time to say goodbye to unwanted stress, take charge of your time, and focus on growing your business according to your unique vision!


Reach business goals Faster . 


I have helped many clients reach their business goals faster than ever by strategically optimizing their time and resources. My familiarity with the latest project management solutions, operational tools, and software ensures we will have your business operations running stress-free in no time. You can have peace of mind knowing that your crucial operations will remain in the hands of a seasoned professional from the get-go whether we work together on one project or ongoing with my OBM services.

What is an Online Business Manager?

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Jodi Darring

Integrity • Excellence • Connection

In my company, I strive to stay grounded in three core values: integrity, excellence and connection.   Keeping those values firmly in my mind guides me to make the best decisions to reach my personal goals as well as the goals of my awesome clients.  I love to partner with business owners who value harmonious working relationships that support each of us and the businesses that we have poured our hearts into.   I look forward to working with you!

What Clients Say

"Jodi is outcome-focused.  She is interested in the long-term goal of each project or client she takes on and is able to navigate a path to get there."



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